Album: Unexpected Hate (2011)

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Song: Suffocate

Bitrate: 320kbps

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Joey Jeremiah is a hardcore band from the North and East of France. We started to play in bars and concert halls in the east of France as well as other regions of France and in border countries like Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

In 2006 we released our first EP titled "Unexpected Hate". We've began to share the scene with bands like Mass Hysteria (FR), Born From Pain (NL) and The Unseen (US). In May 2008 we worked with a young author to record one song called "Kill your Hero" to appear in a collaborative CD for a French helping AIDS association (Rue Sans Haine).

In November 2008 Joey Jeremiah appeared on a "Hardcore" collaborative CD "Boundless Communication" which includes German, Switz and French hardcore bands.

Sharing the scene with The Sleletons Fall, we released a Split CD where 5 songs from each band have been specially recorded. This CD was mastered by Glen Miller who has worked for Pantera, Rammstein and Lofofora, to offer the best listening experience to our audience.

After almost 5 years of silence, the band is back.